Oak staircases

Staircase is not just a function, it is part of the style. Stairs create a cosiness, open unexpected spaces, connect “up” and “bottom”. Choosing a staircase to your house is a crucial decision. Only the correct high-quality oak staircase will provide you comfort, durability, value, convenience and style of your house. Our customers appreciate the individual, exclusive style, enjoy high-quality oak staircases, specially selected for them, and complement their home style for over 10 years. We will select the tone of the stairs with oak floor and door tone. Or maybe you would like an interesting contrast? We will always consult with you and give you a wide selection.

• Staircase are manufactured on CNC machines that guarantee high quality.
• We produce stair structures made of concrete, as well as steps from metal structures.
• For processing stairs use natural solid wax oils Saicos, various color solutions are available, also steps can be varnished.
• Staircase are available in three versions (“I”, “L”, “U”), with different types of steps and handrails.
• Handrails can also be made from metal parts.

For staircases, we use only the highest quality wood from oak trees, which are more than 100 years old, wooden products are supplied from a factory sawmill. Thus, all processes in the Ecowood factory are carefully controlled. Wood blanks are dried in Belgian condenser dryers. The slowest mode of drying is chosen, and the temperature and humidity are constantly monitored. In the production of using only the highest quality organic materials. The steps of the stairs can be coated with oil or varnish.

At the Ecowood factory, intelligent robotic machines make even the most complex stair designs – without limiting your imagination and needs. Staircases, staircase design and decorative elements are precisely cut out and designed according to the drawing. Made and customized for individual requests and orders. Our products are also highly valued by customers from all countries of the European Union and other foreign countries.
We advise, we will answer all questions, we will help you choose and install not only wooden floors, but also oak stairs or oak doors.