Oak doors

Wooden interior doors made of oak give the interior a distinctive charm, warmth and comfort. Depending on the texture, color and design, oak can create an elegant and elegant interior that blends perfectly with the style of Rustic or become a unique detail in a modern interior.
They give the impression of luxury, because oak is associated with durability, durability and eternity. Such doors are strong and durable. Oak interior doors – the perfect combination of classic and quality.

Ecowood factory uses only the highest quality mature oak wood from its own sawmill, which is more than 100 years old, and controls the quality from the very beginning of the production process. Wood blanks are dried in Belgian capacitors. Dry in the slowest mode and constantly monitor the temperature and humidity. Only high-quality organic materials are used in the production of floors and doors.

Our product range includes a wide selection of oak interior and sliding doors that will suit even the most demanding customers. The range of colors is very wide, so you will find what best suits your interior, combining doors with floor and stairs. Wooden interior doors can be with or without glass. The door with glass visually makes the living space more elegant and elegant.

If you are not sure which wooden interior doors to choose, the “TC Group” team is ready to help and answer all your questions. Tell us about your needs and vision, and we will offer the best solution for your interior.

We advise, we answer all questions, we help to choose and install not only wooden floors, but also oak stairs or oak doors.

We will help to make your home cozy, stylish, comfortable, which will radiate the heat of 100-year-old oak.